Other Props

Japanese knotbag
Short Horn
Long Horn
Mermaid Tail

* Jojo: hand painted, wooden jojo (weapon from Jun from Gatchaman). Price: 10. Commission only.

* Resin horns: These are made in clear resin and are ready to sew onto a headband or into a wig. Small horn is 7cm and big horn is 12 cm. Price: 10.

* Ariel's Dinglehoppers: These are made with a real metal fork, added flat-back pearls and lot of clear lacquer. Price: 5 for a small one (11 cm) and 10 for a large one (20 cm).
Large Dinglehoppers in stock:

Small Dinglehoppers in stock:

*This tail is made of resin and has a little loop to hang onto things. The backside is flat, but the topside is nicely colored and has lots of glitter. Size: 4,50cm x 3,50cm. Price: 2,50 each.

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*Japanese knot-bag: fully lined with a matching color. Price: 5 for the large size (size: 24cm x 16cm) and 4 for the small (size: 17cm x 14cm) one.

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Star Trek badges: they have a safety pin sewn on the back to attach, except for the ones from TOS. Price: 1 euro.

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