how to make a shell-top

1. get all the materials and tools you'll need together:

1. get all the materials and tools you'll need together:

* stretch-fabric for the outside and the inside of the shells
* a set of 2 plastic shells that covers your boobies
* craft-glue, that once it's cured, don't dissolves in water
* hot-glue-gun and matching glue-sticks
* sewing-threat that matches you fabric
* a sewing-needle
* sewing-pins
* fabric-scissors
* craft-knife
* 3cm-wide ribbon that matches you fabric
* 3cm-wide ribbon that matches your skin-tone (if needed)
* big pearls or a piece of ribbon the connect the 2 shells
* sequence or other stuff to decorate your top

2. get your shells and separate them if needed using your craft-knife.

3. lay 1 shell on the fabric for the outside and cut it around the shell. do the same for the other shell and also with the fabric for the inside. you need 4 pieces of fabric in total.

4. put a lot of craft-glue all over 1 of the shells. put the fabric for the outside onto the glue and push it down while stretching out the creases. push down the fabric into the groves of the shell using your fingers and a bone-folder (or a pen without ink) if needed. do that to both shells. let them dry.

5. turn over the shells and pull the fabric to the outside. put some hot-glue on the straight side of the shell and stretch the fabric over the glue. cut down the excess fabric. do that to both the shells.

6. do the same to the rim of both shells.

7. put some dots of hot-glue in the middle of the shell and put the fabric for the inside onto it. see that there is a lot of fabric all over and around the shell. push it down into the glue. cut fabric about 2 cm under the rim of the shell and fold that to the inside. pin it down in place. then sew around the rim to keep it all nice and smooth. do that to both the shells.

8. now it's time to decorate the outside of your shells.

9. see on the shell is where you want to connect them in the middle. then sew some ribbon or the big pearls at that place.

10. take 2 pieces of the matching ribbon, about 1 meter long each. cut 1 end at an angle and fold the other site 2 times over itself. sew that down and on the right place on the inside of your shell. do that also to the other side of your shell-top.

11. if needed put some skin-colored ribbon on the top part of the shells so that goes around your neck and keep everything in place.

12. there are 3 ways to put your shells.