how to make a full circle skirt up to 60 cm of length

1. take a piece of fabric 2 times the length of your skirt + 20 cm. for a skirt of 60cm you need to use a piece that is 1m50 wide and 1m50 long. it's also easy to use the same size of fabric for shorter skirts.

2. fold the fabric twice so you get a square piece of fabric.

fabric fold once
fabric fold twice

3. pin down you tape-measure in the corner where all the folds are.

this corner
pinned tape-measure

4. then you measure the length from that corner to the other corner along the same side.

5. put a pin in the fabric just before the fabric ends.

pin in the tape-measure at the other corner

6. use the tape-measure to create a quarter circle by pinning at the same length as the first pin.

quarter circle of pins

7. measure from the pin-circle the length of you skirt + 2 cm. put a pin there.

skirt-length + 2 cm

8. measure from that lonely pin to where you tape-measure starts.

measuring the waistline

9. make again a quarter circle from side to side, this will be your waistline.

pinning the waistline
second quarter circle pinned
close-up from that corner

10. to be on the save side, measure your waistline and divide by 4. then measure the short quarter circle and see if they match up. the line of pins must be a little larger that 1/4th of your waist.

11. now cut the long line on the outside of the circle.

cutting the fabric
1 quarter circle

12. the you cut the waistline at the corner-side of the pins.

cutting the fabric
the base-skirt

13. just a tiny cut (no more then 0,5 cm) on each fold of the fabric at the waistline. that way you can see where front, back and the 2 sides are to attach a waistline or top.

tiny cuts at the waistline

14. now you got a big circle wit a hole in it, like a big fabric donut.

fabric donut

15. if you want to put a top to the skirt that has a pointy waistline, you have to adjust the waistline of the skirt.

16. fold the fabric double again with the help of those tiny cuts. those folds are front an back.

skirt folded double again

17. put a pin at the tiny cut in between those 2 folds .then you measure the top from waistline to the point on the edge. measure the same length from the center circle on the fold and pin it. that part will be the front of your skirt. create a smooth line of pins from the on on the fold to the one in the middle.

point pinned

18. now cut the fabric on the outside (waistline) of the pins, re-cut those tiny cuts if needed.

point cut

19. now we are going to work on the skirt. first the bottom. use a roll-hem to make a nice hem.


20. if you like you can finish the hem by sewing a nice lace or ribbon.

lace at the hem

21. now we are going to finish the top of the skirt. there are many differed ways to do that: (A) waistband, (B) waistline-elastic (special wide elastic wide a fringe on it) of (C) a top.

21. if you want/need to put a zipper in it, now is the moment to do it at the tiny cut that marks the backside of the skirt. adjust that tiny cut to the length of the zipper.

22. if the fabric fray, overlock (or zig-zag) the edges where the zipper will be and the waistline, so everything is nicely finished.

23. to do finish A you can use the tutorial for a pleated skirt. you can adjust the waistline (skirt-part) by pleating or gathering.

24. to do finish B you can use the same finish as a petticoat.

25. to do finish C you first make the top without the zipper, attach the top to the waistline of the skirt. put the zipper in the right place and finish of your dress.

26. now your skirt/dress is finished.